The Leader Centre Story

The Leader Centre helps businesses lead in the way that saw business owner Sarah McDowell promoted from PA to Chairman at The Academy for Chief Executives in just 7 years before being promoted to Head of Chairman Development just 3 years later. This way of leading discovered by Sarah unlocks the potential in people so that they can unlock the potential in their business.

Following a conversation with her Boss as a PA, Sarah was invited to bring everything she had to help grow the business and that’s exactly what she did, doubling the size of the business and growing the largest Academy and Directors Groups in the country - with no previous experience of sales and marketing or of developing CEO’s.

Realising that if this was possible for her then it must be possible for others, Sarah set off to find out what had made such a significant difference to her own performance so that she could help businesses get this kind of advantage for themselves. This became The Leader Centre Process.

What Sarah found, was that leaders should do the opposite of what they have previously been led to believe they should do that made the difference – having all the answers, solving all the problems, taking all the responsibility. Leaders need to do less not more.

That stuff is actually bad for business.

The Leader Centre has been created by Sarah for businesses to adopt a new way of working and see profits go up, sales go up and engagement go up.

Why Our Clients Use Us

There are several reasons clients work with The Leader Centre. There are leaders who want to grow their business faster and be more profitable, leaders who are incredibly busy and highly stressed and who want this to change, through to leaders who want to create a vision to change their business for the better.

The common theme amongst all our clients is the recognition that having a high performing senior team of leaders who are unlocking more of the potential that exist in the business is the fastest way to getting what they want.

But don’t take our word for it, read what our clients say!

Don’t tell me show me.

At The Leader Centre we understand that it takes a leap of faith to work with a business you haven’t worked with before and that when your senior people are already busy it can feel like added pressure to take time out for training and development.

The problem with that is that when you don’t invest in training and development more of the pressure falls on you and your people and your business fall behind.

So we take that leap of faith with you and instead of just telling you what we do, we show you by offering half a day’s training for your senior team at our expense.

On that half day we show you how your business can achieve more and how senior people can reduce their stress by doing less than they are now.

To book your session simply get in touch via our contact page.

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