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February 3, 2017
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May 12, 2017

running in a relay race on a field day in Japan

Do You Miss Plays And School Sports Days?

On Tuesday afternoon I was supposed to be at an event, meeting people who could become important clients for my business.

Instead I was at a rounders competition with my 10-year-old son Isaac and his school team because that morning he pleaded with me to go and watch and help transport the team.

Interestingly I was the only parent there from his team, there were a few grandparents but no parents.

Now I'm not judging because we all have to work. I certainly do, I run my own business and if I don’t win business I don’t earn the money to live.

But I am asking why are people are so busy that they miss out on things they want to do sometimes?

Is it that as senior people we take on too much? And do things that others should do?

Is it that we aren’t flexible in business? And that we believe it would be too difficult to organise if everyone wanted to do it?

Or is it that people don’t ask for fear of being seen as less committed?

I see all those things in businesses.

The thing is that my son made an incredible catch at the game and he couldn't wait to celebrate it with me, he looked over with a big smile on his face because his Mum had seen it. Who would he have shared that with if I wasn't there?

As for me, I would have missed a memory we can share for a lifetime.

My question is, which of the above are you or your business? And how could things be organised so that people did get to do the things that are important to them more because it is possible.

One way is to lead in a way that develops others to take more responsibility.

Another is to ask the teams who want to do this to organise themselves to cover for each other.

The third is to create a culture that is results rather than effort focussed.

Don’t tell me show me.

At The Leader Centre we understand that it takes a leap of faith to work with a business you haven’t worked with before and that when your senior people are already busy it can feel like added pressure to take time out for training and development.

The problem with that is that when you don’t invest in training and development more of the pressure falls on you and your people and your business fall behind.

So we take that leap of faith with you and instead of just telling you what we do, we show you by offering half a day’s training for your senior team at our expense.

On that half day we show you how your business can achieve more and how senior people can reduce their stress by doing less than they are now.

To book your session simply get in touch via our contact page.

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