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July 26, 2017
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July 26, 2017

Tired Of Giving A Lot And Getting Too Little In Return?

The more we give people, the more they expect is a common complaint I hear from leaders of businesses.

Which is very confusing when basic rules of reciprocity state that the more you give someone the more likely they should be to give in return.

But that’s not the case and there’s a really good reason why.

The advice to senior people today, from experts everywhere, is that if they want to have a successful business they must be better leaders, they must engage their people, they must communicate more, they must create a great culture etc.

This is kind of true.

Businesses who are run by leaders who coach and mentor, develop and involve and engage and encourage the contributions of their people are more profitable and they grow faster.

The problem has arisen because the advice leaders have been given has a very important piece missing.

Which is that when you ask your teams for suggestions about what needs to be improved you must not own the job of fixing these things for people. They must own the job of finding the solutions and fixing these things, your job is to facilitate them doing that, it is not to take responsibility for fixing them on their behalf.

If you do, people come to believe that they are your problems and not theirs and they step back.

What people need from you is your belief that they can resolve it and your support to make that happen.

  • Your job is to stimulate their thinking by asking

  • What do we need to improve?

  • What gets in the way of our success?

  • What do you need to know?

  • What more can you do?

  • What do you need from me to make that happen?

    And instead of fixing the problems for them, let them fix them for themselves. It’s great for their development and it creates a really strong sense of ownership.

    A leader’s job is very different from what you have been led to believe.

    It is not to have all the ideas, it is not to solve all the problems, it is not to have all the answers. It is to set the vision, to develop others and to keep focussed on the goal.

    If you’d like help and ideas about how to lead in this way let me know.

    When you do you’ll be less busy, less stressed, people will develop more and so your business will be more successful.

  • Don’t tell me show me.

    At The Leader Centre we understand that it takes a leap of faith to work with a business you haven’t worked with before and that when your senior people are already busy it can feel like added pressure to take time out for training and development.

    The problem with that is that when you don’t invest in training and development more of the pressure falls on you and your people and your business fall behind.

    So we take that leap of faith with you and instead of just telling you what we do, we show you by offering half a day’s training for your senior team at our expense.

    On that half day we show you how your business can achieve more and how senior people can reduce their stress by doing less than they are now.

    To book your session simply get in touch via our contact page.

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