A business first approach that transforms organisations

Welcome To The Leader Centre

The Leader Centre help senior leadership teams to improve results. Specialising in strategic and leader development The Leader Centre is built on owner Sarah McDowell’s experience developing Chairs, CEO’s and Directors in a wide range of highly successful organisations over 15 years.

What we do

Develop a transformational senior team who deliver improved results

How we do it

The Leader Centre take a different approach to other development programme which take a people first approach. The Leader Centre takes a business first approach. That leads to faster growth and greater levels of engagement.

Don’t tell me show me.

At The Leader Centre we understand that it takes a leap of faith to work with a business you haven’t worked with before and that when your senior people are already busy it can feel like added pressure to take time out for training and development.

The problem with that is that when you don’t invest in training and development more of the pressure falls on you and your people and your business fall behind.

So we take that leap of faith with you and instead of just telling you what we do, we show you by offering half a day’s training for your senior team at our expense.

On that half day we show you how your business can achieve more and how senior people can reduce their stress by doing less than they are now.

To book your session simply get in touch via our contact page.

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